The WeGoGreen is a guide for all the environmental conscious businesses and organisations in Sweden.

Our vision is to provide a sustainable regional and national platform where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and impacts responsibly, and act transparently.

The mission of the WeGoGreen project is to provide assistance in sustainable practice by providing guidance and support to organizations. The WeGoGreen project actively contributes to the 3E notion on the Environmental, Economical and Efficient sustainable objectives.


Sustainability reporting and assistance isn’t just publishing a document for an organizations’ customers and investors. It is a process that involves looking closely at various operations and impacts, talking the stakeholders, and setting goals to assist in moving towards a more sustainable way of doing business.

The fundamental goal is to construct a sustainable network within the country where all the members can have mutual assistance with direct and transparent relationship.

WeGoGreen hjälper små och medelstora företag att utveckla och implementera en handlingsplan inom hållbarhet . Med WGGs’ analysverktyg kan företag effektivisera sin användning inom energi, vatten och avfall med målet att sänka sina kostnader och förbättra sin miljöprestanada. 

Welcome to join us on this trip!